Dec. 23rd, 2020 02:13 pm
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So, how's my driving?
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[hi, discedo. guess who's apparently all up for holiday cheer this year? this may or may not be owe to mistletoe effects, but he doesn't seem be to a) aware or b) complaining. hell, he's even dressed up in a weird outfit that may or may not be familiar to others. all in good fun, right? judging by his demeanor, he certainly thinks so.]

Yo~! Merry Christmas, hahahaha! Or happy holidays, whatever the hell floats yer boat! Or mine, even. Mostly this jus' means it's time to get wasted-- so party at Greece's place. BYOB, etc!

[no asking involved here, nope. not that he really.. seems to care all that much.]

--Also, Santa was Turkish, y'know! An' I guess that's all I gotta say on the matter, so enjoy yer gifts.♪

(ooc: he'll be wondering around... just about everywhere, so feel free to have your character bump into him under some mistletoe if you want. also through SHEER DILIGENCE some characters received these gifts!)

iki [voice]

Dec. 7th, 2011 03:16 pm
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[BZZZZZZZZZZZZT--] [...] An' here I thought this place couldn' get much worse! Then I find out ya got a fuckin' vampire problem on top 'a it all?!

'Kay so, round up yer garlic, rosaries, wooden stakes, mirrors, silver bullets, however the hell ya gotta deal with 'em. Get 'em in the head or heart.

--But I still can't believe some 'a you willingly consort with 'em! I hope yer jus' ignorant! All they wanna do is drain yer blood, maybe reanimate yer corpse to join 'em. They're prolly really friendly too! Point is...

VAMPIRES. ARE NOT. NICE. It's jus' an act for 'em to get what they want. So don' get yerself offed by 'em, eh? Or fed on, or worse yet: turned. Cuz then yer gonna die twice over if I get my way.

I'll kill ya if I get the chance.

bir [video]

Nov. 8th, 2011 02:10 am
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Testin', testin', one two three...!

[tap tap tap. etc. right on the mic.]

Oi, look! That means it's on, right? Yeah, haha, great--

[he may or may not be aware it's recording video, but chances are he wouldn't care less-- though sans the mask, and that'd be an entirely different matter. for now, however, he wears the brightest of grins and composes himself in what he'd like to think of as a rather friendly manner. nevermind his words.]

Anyway, yo! Never been too great with formalities in situations like these, or at all really, so let's jus' skip 'em, eh? An' further cut to the chase, if I'm right: I've got a ton 'a fuckin' ceasefires to abide by, so I'd rather not have to kick yer ass! Hell, we could prolly come to a pretty good agreement if ya'd only quit bein' a coward!
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t_sadiq_eu [ profile] masking

That is all.


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